Your Government Representatives

Have you ever wondered how to contact your elected representatives or who to contact?  The information below will provide the information you need.

City of Valdez

Current City Council Members

as of 3/16/17

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Term on Council

Current Term Expiration
 Mayor Ruth E. Knight 2nd  May, 2018
 Mayor Pro Tempore Nate Smith  3rd   May, 2018
 Council Member Christopher Moulton 3rd  May, 2018
 Council Member Lon Needles  1st  May, 2017
 Council Member H. Lea Cockerham  1st  May, 2017
 Council Member Ryan Rydor McCune  1st  May, 2017
 Council Member Dennis Fleming 2nd May, 2018

Points of Contact

City Clerk, Sheri Pierce, MMC, 907-834-3408 or

Deputy Clerk, Allie Ferko, CMC, 907-834-3468 or

State of Alaska

Valdez Legilslative Information Office

House District 9 Representative George Rauscher

Senate District E Senator Mike Dunleavy

United States Legislature

Senator Dan Sullivan

Senator Lisa Murkowski

Congressman Don Young