cropped-Community-Support-1.pngThis page is a project of  KCHU, Terminal Radio Inc, (kchu.org) funded in part by Valdez United Way.  Our goal is to connect community members with service providers of all sorts, emergency services, assistance and information.  It’s often hard to know where to look for the services you need.  With the cooperation of our neighbors, we hope to make this site the one place you can look for everything from Food Bank Hours and AA meetings to Home School information and transportation options.  It’s a big project and may take a while to complete.  In fact, it will never really be finished.  It will be updated as things change so that it stays relevant and useful.  We’ve made a good start.  Please look around the site and see what’s there or use the search bars scattered throughout the site to look for something specific.  And please share our site with anyone you think may be able to use it.  Non-profits, please include a link to this page on your web site.  If there is no link to yours here and you would like there to be, please let us know.         contact@valdezresourcepage.com

 A note about comments:  We welcome sincere user comments on our informational posts.  But, because this page is run as a community service by non-profit organizations, we can’t allow promotions of products or services on this site.  Unapproved comments will not appear on the post.  Please don’t bother inserting links or solicitations on your comments.  They will not go up.